Graduated in Biology by the University of Salamanca and with an Erasmus Mundus Master of Science in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation (EMBC+) done in different european universities, I am currently applying to different scholarships to start my PhD the next academic year. My research interest focus on the study of benthic ecosystems ecology, from coral reefs to macroalgal communities, to understand how these complex ecosystems work, the role that each component has in the functioning of the whole system and how different disturbances affect them.

Nowadays, my research focuses on the study of the effects that different invasive algae species have on native macroalgal communities from the Mediterranean Sea. In particular, I am interested in determining the thermotolerance thresholds for different populations of invasive species, what characteristics and traits of the native assemblages make the habitats more suitable for being invaded and what are the synergistic effects that climate change and seaweed invasions might play. Then, putting all this information together, I expect to generate predictive distribution models that could aid in the design of effective management plans.