Nautical service

Nautical service: Ferran Crespo (

The following equipment is available at the CEAB nautical service:

  • The research boat DOLORES (10 m length, 3.5 m width, 11 knots of maximum speed) located at the Blanes harbour. It can be used for multiple scientific purposes (e.g. benthos, plankton and water sampling, scuba diving, support to the environmental data collection system, support to other research vessels).
  • HIRONDELLE (located at the Blanes harbour) is a semi-rigid inflatable boat that can be used by the CEAB staff with the pertinent licence. It is mainly used for scuba diving and low-volume sampling.
  • NESSY (located at the l’Estartit harbour). It offers service to the Marine Observatory at the Medes Islands as well as to scuba divers in this area.
  • 10 additional pneumatic boats are available at the CEAB (from 3 to 4.5 m in length) as well as three boat trailers which are used for sampling and scuba diving.