Tesis 2011

Combining trace metal bioaccumulation and stable isotopes to reveal food web structure in freshwater ecosystems.

Student: David Xavier Soto.

Master Thesis Advisor: Jordi Catalan Aguilà.

Master Thesis Co-Advisor: Esperança Gacia Passola

Universitat de Barcelona. 

Best PhD Thesis for the Iberian Association of Limnology (biennium 2010-2012) and Finalist of the EFFS Award for the best PhD Dissertation in Freshwater Sciences (2011-2013)


The European Fauna of Annelida Polychaeta.

Student: Joao Gil.

Master Thesis Advisor: Rafael Sardá Borroy.

Universidade de Lisboa.


Aquatic macrophyte distribution and richness patterns across and time in a Catalonia.

Student: Eglantine Chappuis.

Master Thesis Advisor: Esperança Gacia Passola i Enric Ballesteros Sagarra .

Universitat de Barcelona.  


Insights in the mat of Posidonia oceanica: biogeochemical sink and paleoecological record.

Student: Oscar Serrano.

Master Thesis Advisor: Miguel Ángel Mateo Mínguez.

Universitat de Barcelona. 


Trace element biogeochemistry in high mountain lake catchments: identifying anthropogenic versus natural components from the atmospheric contamination legacy in remote natural areas.

Student: Montserrat Bacardit.

Master Thesis Advisor: Lluís Camarero Galindo.

Universitat de Girona.