I am a marine ecology postdoc researcher highly interested in the study of marine systems under anthropogenic pressure and global change.

I have an on-going interest on the study of coastal ecosystems, and particularly their spatial and temporal patterns, at broad scales to understand ecological interactions among and within different entities (i.e. species, community, habitat) that lead us to a better conservation of marine resources and management of coastal areas.

My research stands out for the application of landscape ecology tools to the study of ecological mechanisms in coastal ecosystems (mainly in seagrasses and rocky reefs habitats) where in particular I have been studying how landscape patterns and habitat fragmentation influenced the fluxes of matter and nutrients and species distribution patterns.


Main research topics:

-Seascape ecology
-Seagrasses/rocky reefs ecophysiology
-Fragmentation and habitat loss
-Habitat connectivity
-Biodiversity patterns
-Trophic ecology
-Regime shifts
-Blue carbon
-Invasive species