I have an on-going interest in benthic marine ecology, trophic ecology, invertebrate and fish assemblages, and I am particularly interested on their study at broad scales (from community to landscape) to understand interactions among and within different entities (i.e. organisms, habitats, ecosystems) that may lead us to a better conservation of resources and management of marine systems.

I have spent the last few years developing these interests through my PhD at the Department of Ecology, University of Barcelona. During my PhD, and particularly interested in the spatial heterogeneity found within marine coastal ecosystems, I have based my research on the effects of landscape spatial patterns on the ecological functioning of marine coastal habitats. I began my doctoral research studying how landscape influenced connectivity among marine habitats, focusing on the fluxes of matter and nutrients among them. I have been specially interested on the effects of these fluxes in trophic transfer and the consequences on food webs and organisms associated. I have also attempted to understand the influence of landscape patterns in sedimentary carbon storage, working particularly in seagrass ecosystems and macroalgal beds. And finally I have been studying the effects of landscape- and habitat-level attributes on shaping fish assemblages using multi-scale approaches.

Research topics:

-Benthic marine ecology
-Seascape ecology
-Community ecology
-Fish and invertebrates assemblages
-Nutrient transfer and trophic ecology
-Spatial and temporal variation in marine ecosystems
-Connectivity in marine habitats and MPA’s
-Seagrasses/coral reefs/rocky reefs/macroalgal beds
-Blue carbon stocks