Born in Barcelona (1985) and master student at DTU (Danish Technical University). Her interest is based in the benthos regarding human impacts (fisheries, turism…) and how this is transfer to the public sphere knowledge. In 2012 she studied the impact of alien algae species in Cystoseira spp communities collaborating with the Marine Ecology Department (CEAB) and Department of Environmental Sciences (Unversitat de Girona). Although her career is focus in marine benthos other fields are under her interest. To create awareness to the public sphere is crucial in order to get the social support that science needs to be influential in the decisions taking/making room. So, activities like scuba diving, whale watching, recreational fishing… are great stakeholders to create this link within protection of marine ecosystem need and society awareness.
The program KIC Climate Change (funded by EU)is giving her the chance to collaborate with GAME team. Possidonia oceanica meadows are linked to several ecological services. Lately, its importance at sequestering carbon has been highlighted and lots of efforts are being done in order to attache a monetary value to this service. Hopefully restoration programs will arise when the cost and benefits values, regarding the lost of this particular system, will be on the table.