Occupational risk prevention

The CEAB relies on an internal committee devoted to health and occupational risks prevention (PRL). This committee is responsible for the security and health protection of workers by providing the advice and support they may need in order to avoid risks related to their job positions.

The three main functions of this committee are:

– To cooperate with the Occupational Risks Prevention unit of the CSIC delegation at Catalonia and the Balearic Islands in the design and study of the specific potential risks faced by CEAB workers at the prevention level.

– To deliver a written “Welcome Plan” to all new CEAB staff, where all general potential occupational risks are reflected as are the material means of prevention at the staff disposal (coats, masks, protection glasses, etc.); the established emergency plan as well as the protocol to follow in the case of an accident or incident.

– To inform and deliver a specific protocol for the diving personnel for this kind of activity.

– To manage the laboratory-generated toxic waste collection and treatment.

– To process and manage at the administrative level all incidents and accidents that, in spite of prevention, may take place in the centre in order to allow the affected persons to obtain medical care by the mutual insurance company (FREMAP).

– To organise the yearly, job-specific medical check-up by FREMAP to all workers in the centre.

– To cooperate with the CSIC delegation in the updating of the CEAB “Emergency Plan” focusing both on the indoors and outdoors aspects of the work (fire simulations, evacuation plan, etc.).