Fluxes of matter and energy and its transformations determine the biomass and the biodiversity of organisms, community composition and structure. It has been established that sponges have a major role in these fluxes and transformations, especially in oligotrophic marine systems, such as in the Mediterranean Sea. Mediterranean coralligenous habitat is dominated by cryptic sponges with the potential to contribute to this nutrient flux. Understanding the role of sponges though in situ experiments and seasonal monitoring campaigns will contribute to understand the ecosystem functioning as well as the possible causes and consequences in biodiversity loss in the Mediterranean Sea, and so, to identify the adequate management strategies to mitigate the effects of Climate Changes.
As a Biology graduate (2011) and Marine Environment and Resources Master (2017) I have been involved in diverse research projects regarding Marine Ecology, Environmental Monitoring and Conservation, as well as in socio-environmental systems studies by connecting ecosystem services, natural capital, and human well-being. I am a multidisciplinary scientist focused on the marine environment holistically with varied interests, such as scientific diving, as well as scientific communication and outreach.