My PhD project is focused on marine restoration under the environmental changes which are undermining the Mediterranean Sea. My project is aimed at restoring macroalgal forests (e.g. Cystoseira forests), which play primary roles for the marine coastal ecosystems, from both the structural and the functional point of view. I am particularly interested in understanding the feasibility of restoration actions under present and future environmental conditions, by means of modelling tools which allow to predict possible scenarios for macroalgal forests distribution. By exploiting Machine Learning techniques for models development (e.g. Habitat Suitability Models), I try to find out the main factors which regulate the distribution of macroalgal forests, setting, as a result, restoration priorities at Mediterranean scale. Thanks to the involvement in the EU project AFRIMED, I have the opportunity to share data and information coming from all the Mediterranean countries and to collaborate with some of the foremost experts in this field, gaining the critical knowledge to carry out my PhD studies and researches.