With my research I focus on gaining understanding on the effects of human activity on streams and river systems. Human activity frequently alters physical (e.g. discharge, temperature) and chemical (e.g. nutrients) parameters and even introduce toxins to the streams. In my recent research I particularly looked at the microbial nitrifying community and on the effect of microplastic on the stream environment (see below). To reach my research goals, I use methods out of microbial ecology, biogeochemistry and ecotoxicology to identify and quantify the effect of this inputs.

Microbial nitrifying organisms
• Interactions/niche separation among different microbes relevant to the nitrogen (N) cycle
• Determining abiotic and biotic factors shaping microbial nitrifying communities
• Environmental distribution of microbial nitrifyers and its link to biogeochemical processes at ecosystem scale.
• Identification and mitigation of human pressure on nitrifying microbial communities

Microplastic research
• The effect of microplastic on stream microbial community composition and function
• The interaction between aquatic grazers and Microplastic
• Combined effects of Microplastic and persistent organic pollutants in streams