Dr. Simone Mariani. CEAB Technician. Research support staff.

Ecology of coastal marine habitats. Interactions between marine organisms. Study of the distribution of non-native and invasive organisms, both terrestrial and marine. Ecology of culicid mosquitoes. Philosophy of science.


  • “Monitoring of the macroalgae biological indicator of the Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC) and control of invasive benthic species in coastal waters of Catalonia and in transitional waters of the Ebre delta in the PSiC period from 2022 to 2024” (CTN220049)
  • Monitoring of the macroinvertebrate biological indicator (MEDOCC index), according to the water framework directive (2000/60/EC), in the coastal waters of Catalonia and the Ebre Delta, in the PSIC period 2023-24. CTN2200827
  • IDALERT (Infectious Disease decision-support tools and ALErt systems to build climate Resilience to emerging health Threats. Investigador principal: Federic Bartumeus)