The Blue Economy Summit 2024 will be held in Milan, Italy, on June 4. For the second consecutive year, the event brings together renowned international personalities (researchers, government representatives, private sector, and civil society) to discuss the current state of the ocean and the urgent need to act to protect and restore it.

Rafael Sardá, a researcher from CEAB-CSIC, is one of the summit’s participants. Specifically, he will talk about the importance of blue natural capital, which refers to the relevance of ecosystems such as coral reefs, mangroves, and marine meadows and forests. He will discuss how these ecosystems create habitats for species and the extent to which we depend on them for resources, to enjoy clear and healthy waters, for their role as carbon sinks, or for the physical and ecological stability of our coasts against increasing storms and other extreme phenomena.

Sardá will also talk about the severe threats these ecosystems face and the necessity and benefits of preserving them, establishing a “blue economy” that cares for seas and oceans.

The scientist was recently awarded by the Financial Times for his research “Business for Ocean Sustainability,” which diagnoses the impacts of various economic activities on the ocean and is contributing to the improvement of practices by companies and other entities.

The Blue Economy Summit is organized by the One Ocean Foundation and aims to promote actions to advance the blue economy and facilitate collaborations and concrete solutions towards a healthier ocean. It is held around a key date to address this issue: World Oceans Day.