This project offers a new perspective on the analysis of the relationships between the sustainability of the ocean and the economy, with a novel focus on business organizations’ awareness, strategies and innovative practices. Provides insights in diffusing innovative technologies suitable to address the many, complex and multi-dimensional challenges posed by the safeguard of marine and coastal ecosystems

The research “Blue technologies and innovation for a sustainable blue economy: mapping the corporate landscape” is proposed and funded by the One Ocean Foundation (OOF) and developed in collaboration by the SDA Bocconi School of Management – Sustainability Laboratory, McKinsey & Company and the CSIC (Higher Council for Scientific Research), under the scientific coordination of SDA Bocconi. The purpose of this study is broad. We will analyze human-driven activities that directly and indirectly pressure coastal and marine ecosystems, with a focus on the Mediterranean Sea. Then, the research will address corporate sustainability strategies and actions, and will specifically assign corporate attention to the problems of ocean and ocean conservation. Finally, the project aims to analyze the contribution that sustainable innovation can make to the development of more sustainable production and consumption models, compiling a series of good practices.