Co-located contemporaneous mapping of morphological, hydrological, chemical, and biological conditions in a 5th-order mountain stream network, Oregon, USA

Ward, Adam S.Zarnetske, Jay P.Baranov, ViktorBlaen, P. J.Brekenfeld, NicolaiChu, RosalieDerelle, RomainDrummond, Jennifer D. Fleckenstein, Jan H.Garayburu-Caruso, VanessaGraham, Emily B.Hannah, David M.Harman, Ciaran J.Herzog, SkuylerHixson, JaseKnapp, Julia L. A.Krause, StefanKurz, Marie J.Lewandowski, JörgLi, AngangMartí, Eugènia Miller, MelindaMilner, A. M.Neil, KerryOrsini, LuisaPackman, Aaron IanPlont, StephenRenteria, LupitaRoche, Kevin R.Royer, ToddSchmadel, N. M.Segura, CatalinaStegen, JamesToyoda, JasonWells, JacquelineWisnoski, Nathan I.Wondzell, Steven M.  Earth System Science Data 11 : 1567-1581 (2019)  DIGITAL CSIC

A comprehensive set of measurements and calculated metrics describing physical, chemical, and biological conditions in the river corridor is presented. These data were collected in a catchment-wide, synoptic campaign in the H. J. Andrews Experimental Forest (Cascade Mountains, Oregon, USA) in summer 2016 during low-discharge conditions. Extensive characterization of 62 sites including surface water, hyporheic water, and streambed sediment was conducted spanning 1st- through 5th-order reaches in the river network. The objective of the sample design and data acquisition was to generate a novel data set to support scaling of river corridor processes across varying flows and morphologic forms present in a river network.