Undergraduate students

Are you an undergraduate and you wish to carry out your training or your MSc thesis (MSc) at the CEAB?

The centre accepts students interested in specialising and going deep in the study of aquatic systems. Several access paths are available, depending on which is your university.

Are you from the UB, UAB or UdG? The CEAB is actively involved in several of their degree programs, through which you can perform your corporation training, your practicum or your MSc Thesis.

Corporation training and practicum: If you are interested in carrying out your corporation training at the CEAB, check the projects of your interest and get straightaway in touch with the principal investigator. For the procedure with your university, check the following links:

Universitat de Girona (UdG)
            Universitat Autònoma (UAB) – person to contact with: Maite Carrassón
            Universitat de Barcelona (UB) – person to contact with: Esther Marrón (tel. 934021429)

MSc Thesis (MSc)The CEAB has developed cooperation agreements allowing students to choose among either existing projects (UB, UdG) or researchers with whom to develop a particular project (UAB). In the case of projects, the links where you can find information concerning particular offers on UB, UAB and UdG projects are shown below:

University of Barcelona (UB)
             University of Girona (UdG)
             Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB)

You can get in touch directly with those researchers who fit the most your interests. They will look after your needs according to their availability.

Are you a student from any other local or foreign university?

First of all, you should directly contact the Principal Investigator of the research line or project of your interest. In this case, independently of whether it’s about corporation training or MSc Thesis, you should get an authorised stay in order to be accepted at the CEAB for your training.
Several options are available if you are from a foreign university. Here we show some examples of grants that have been helpful to study at the centre. If you explore the available grants you will certainly find a lot more.

Leonardo da Vinci within the European grants program.
Erasmus-mobiliti from the Università di Bologna.
Campus Word Project for training abroad from the Università Politecnica delle Marche.

Do you wish to carry out a two-month stay with us?

If you are an undergraduate on your last year you have the possibility of taking part in a project by applying to two-month grants within the JAE-INTRO program of the CSIC. The aim is to bring students closer to the research career. The call for these grants is made every year. How to gain access? Check the projects available at the Centre, get in touch with the researcher and apply for the grant within de call’s deadline (usually in May).

For any doubt or additional information, contact with formacio@ceab.csic.es