One million species, in serious danger of extinction

This numbers, provided by the United Nations, shows the extent to which the unrestricted exploitation of wildlife is leading to the disappearance of many species, with dire consequences for the ecosystems on which humans depend.

World Day for Biological Diversity, celebrated every May 22, focuses on this issue and demands a paradigm shift in our relationship with the natural environment. This year it has the claim “Be part of the plan” and calls for individual and community actions aimed at respecting, protecting and repairing biological wealth. The initiative urges governments, non-governmental organizations, companies, local communities and all citizens to be actively involved in the implementation of the Biodiversity Plan.

Various events have been organized around this Day focused on providing scientific evidence on the loss of biodiversity, proposing solutions and raising awareness about the need for everyone to walk in the same direction.

Among these initiatives is the BiodIBErsity Day, organized by the Institute of Evolutionary Biology (IBE), which will be held on May 22, throughout the morning at the CMIMA building, in the city of Barcelona.

The Center for Advanced Studies of Blanes (CEAB-CSIC) will be at the event. Specifically, the head of the Marine Ecology department, Emma Cebrian, will talk about changes in biodiversity due to anthropogenic impacts, analyzing the specific case of coastal rocky bottoms.

BiodIBErsity Day is conceived as a meeting between research personnel from diverse disciplines and research centers, in order to collectively address this problem. It will connect professionals in biology, evolution, ecology, conservation, environmental sciences and many other fields through a ten talks and discussion sessions focused on finding effective strategies to address environmental degradation and the accelerated loss of species and diversity. genetics around the world.

To consult the complete program of the event, you can click this link.

The event can continue to be followed through social networks, with the label #BiodIBErsityDay2024.

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