My primary research aim is to understand how carbon (C) moves and cycle across different
scales in catchments. This integrate:

1) the identification of regimes of different C species in streams, rivers and lakes;
2) the linkage between physical and biogeochemical process modulating the sources, cycling and destination of C in watersheds;
3) the study of processes at ecohydrological interfaces (e.g., land-water-atmosphere, surface-subsurface, dry-wet);
4) the evaluation of potential changes in watershed C dynamics as a consequence of human- and climate-driven hydrological changes (e.g., droughts, floods, snowmelt changes, glacier retreat);

I use a cross-disciplinary approach saddled between landscape ecology, watershed hydrology and ecosystem biogeochemistry. My research has been also catalyzed by novel technologies enabling to measure and record environment parameters encompassing the full spectrum of frequencies over long time periods.