PhD thesis in Biology of populations and Ecology at the University of Corsica (2020) supervised by Prof. Gérard Pergent and Dr. Miguel Angel Mateo (Quantification and spatio-temporal dynamic of carbon sinks associated with Posidonia oceanica meadows). He is currently working at the Center for Advanced Studies in Blanes (CEAB) as post-doctoral researcher with Oscar Serrano and Miguel Angel Mateo.

His current research activities are mainly focused on the understanding of Mediterranean coastal and marine ecosystems (notably seagrass meadows) and the assessment of the contribution of vegetated coastal ecosystems to climate change mitigation. His activities have also led him to study the past and recent spatio-temporal changes in the coastal and marine environment by performing mapping of benthic habitats (remote sensing: LiDAR, UAVs; acoustics: SSS, MBES; seismic reflection) and palaeoecological reconstruction.