Alain Crosnier’s role in modern carcinology: exploration, international collaboration, and taxonomy

Richer de Forges, BertrandAhyong, Shane T.Castro, PeterChan, T. Y.Clark, Paul F.Lemaitre, R.Macpherson, EnriqueNg, Peter K.L.Poore, G. C. B.Poupin, JosephTavares, Marcos. . Journal of Crustacean Biology 41(3) : 1-8 (2021) DIGITAL CSIC

The French carcinologist and oceanographer Alain Crosnier (1930–2021) had a most influential role in modern carcinology. This tribute reviews his contributions to organising oceanographic expeditions; expanding collections of specimens, particularly from the deep sea; and supporting international collaboration for taxonomic investigations of the rich collections of material obtained from these expeditions. His expertise and enthusiasm also extended to the publication of the results of these investigations.