Tesis 2015

The influence of Mediterranean riparian zones on stream nitrogen dynamics. A catchment approach.

Autora: Anna Lupon.

Directora de tesi: Susana Bernal Berenguer.

Codirector: Francesc Sabater Comas

Universitat de Barcelona. 

Spanish PhD Dissertation in Limnology Research (2014-2015)


Effects of human activities on N cycling in Mediterranean streams: contrasts between nitrate and ammonium dynamics.

Autor: Miquel Ribot Bermejo.

Directora de tesi: Eugènia Martí Roca

Codirector: Daniel Von Shiller Calle

Universitat de Barcelona.


Microbial nitrification in urban streams: from single cell activity to ecosystems processes.

Autora: Stephanie Merbt.

Directors de tesi: Eugènia Martí Roca i Emilio O. Casamayor.

Universitat de Barcelona.  

EFFS Award for the best PhD Dissertation in Freshwater Sciences (2015-2016)


Connecting biodiversity and biogeochemical role by microbial metagenomics.

Autor: Tomas Llorens.

Director de tesi: Emilio O. Casamayor.

Universitat de Barcelona. 


Scale-dependent factors modulate sea urchin predation in macrophyte ecosystems.

Autor: Simone Farina.

Director de tesi: Javier Romero Martinengo

Codirectora: Teresa Alcoverro Pedrola

Universitat de Barcelona.


Tracking environmental change in seagrass meadows: understanding indicator behaviour across space and time.

Autor: Guillem Roca.

Directora de tesi: Teresa Alcoverro Pedrola.

Codirector: Javier Romero Martinengo

Universitat de Barcelona. 


Seagrass ecosystems of the Nicobar and Andaman Islands with emphasis on the Dugong dugon status and distribution.

Autora: Elrika D’Souza.

Directora de tesi: Teresa Alcoverro Pedrola.

Madurai Kamaraj University.