CEAB participates in SUMMIT 4 OCEANS Sevilla Blue Economy Virtual Event

Next 18 and 19 of May will celebrate the first edition of the SUMMIT4OCEANS Sevilla Blue Economy Virtual Event, bearing the title “Blue economy is an opportunity for sustainability and economic growth“. The meeting is developed through a series of interventions, lectures and tables that can be followed through the web: www.summit4oceans.es.

The forum will include the participation of Dr. Rafael Sardá, from the Blanes Centre for Advanced Studies (CEAB-CSIC), who will intervene: “Conclusions: Science, innovation and technology for a future million“. Our center will also be represented by Dr. Emma Cebrian with the contribution of a practical part of the apartat “The reconstruction of marine life: an effort for sustainability and economic growth“.

The Virtual Summit is the first global online forum that will be a meeting point for companies, governments, administrations, citizens, the media, social networks and, ultimately, society as a whole, with the world of research and technology, sensitizing them and involving them all in the Blue Economy.

The Blue Economy addresses the challenges facing key sectors of the global ocean economy, including those of marine food, maritime transport, tourism and renewable energy. . But also the role of banks and investment funds in financing the transition to clean and low-carbon technologies, as well as opportunities for data and analysis; solutions to marine plastics pollution, and the ocean’s potential to remove carbon from the atmosphere and increase resistance to the effects of climate change.

The Blue Economy is one of the main sources of growth for the Spanish economy, both for the emergence of new industries (biotechnology, renewable energies) and for the opportunity to transform the traditional ones (fishing, coastal tourism). At the same time it is one of the main opportunities for economic development in the medium and long term for Spain, as it is part of one of the four axes of the European Recovery Plan Next Generation EU, the temporary instrument of 750 billion euros, between non-performing loans and loans, agreed by EU leaders in July 2020.

The 1st SUMMIT4OCEANS Blue Economy Virtual Event will address such crucial issues as cities’ commitment to the blue economy; legislation, momentum, and tax advantages for the blue economy; the reconstruction of marine life: a tool for sustainability and economic growth; public-private collaboration for the preservation of the oceans; the restoration of ecosystems in healthy oceans: the path to growth; sustainable uses of the oceans; the blue acceleration: the trajectory of human expansion in the oceans; in debt to nature: the financing of the new paradigm; and paths to the future: the mediterranean lab.

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