My research seeks to apply marine community ecology to the conservation and restoration of Mediterranean marine ecosystems in face of human impacts. Examples include incorporating an understanding of biodiversity patterns, species interactions, habitat-species linkages and quantifying the cumulative impacts of multiple stressors on marine ecosystems. I’m currently working as a researcher in the Centre of Advanced Studies of Blanes (CSIC). My career as researcher has been devoted to the study of the organisation of benthic marine communities, especially in the NW Mediterranean. The high diversity of these communities has allowed her to address a great number of relevant scientific questions dealing with the structure, functioning and main processes in the communities and among them the study of the human impact and global change has played an important role. The success on my multidisciplinary research has been based in a great personal motivation, willing to participate in dynamic work-teams and to the conviction to contribute to acquire relevant data for the conservation of marine ecosystems.