My research focuses on the study of structure and function dynamics of communities and ecosystems dominated by plants. These range from seagrass meadows in the marine coastal zone, to aquatic vegetation in wetlands, rivers and lakes in continental waters. I am particularly interested in the interactions between plant physiology and the environment (water column and sediment) in extreme conditions (i.e. resource limitation, contaminants). Within this context, we study the interaction between submersed aquatic vegetation and biogeochemistry in oligotrophic small lakes and ponds in the Pyrenees. We are also involved in the study of aquatic plants as indicators of pollution (i.e. eutrophication, metals) in lowland ponds and streams. Finally, my research on marine coastal ecosystems has focused on different aspects related to ecological functions of seagrass meadows, and more recently, on examining the metabolic balance between production and respiration in these ecosystems.