Plastic0pyr final conference is here “Strategies to reduce plastic pollution in mountain ecosystems”

Plastic0Pyr project is in its final stage. A lot of work has been done, sampling in rivers, laboratory analysis, data treatment… and we would like to share with the society and other researchers our experiences and conclusions. For this reason we are going to celebrate our final meeting in Setcases, Girona. The dates, April 21 and 22. The conference and associated activities are open to the general public but registration is necessary (please, contact with if you are interested in participate). Last day for registration, Sunday, April 10

During these final meeting three interesting activities will be carried out.

April 21, conference “Strategies to reduce plastic pollution in mountain ecosystems”:

  • from 9:00 to 13:00 and from 14:45 to 17:00
  • Sala dels Estudis, Setcases, Girona
  • Opening act with the participation of Joan Casadevall, Major of Setcases
  • Eleven talks on the effects and management of plastic residues in ecosystems. Speakers are managers and researchers from different scientific disciplines.

April 22, Citizen Science activity “Plastic0Pyr Switch” and sculpture inauguration:

  • from 9:15 to 16:00
  • Three different rivers of Setcases
  • Would you like to know the effects of plastic residues in aquatic ecosystems? Would you like to participate in a sampling day and lab work? Join our citizen science activity!!! In this activity, designed to all audiences and ages, you will work together with recognized researchers, who will train you on classification and identification on plastic residues. Then you will participate in a sampling campaign in rivers of Setcases and analysis of plastic residues.
  • After the field work (14:30) you are invited to a Picnic
  • Inauguration of the sculpture “Empatia” of Sergi Quiñonero.
  • For pincnic and citizen science activity registration is necessary (please, contact with if you are interested in participate)

For a detailed programme, click here