Eugenia Martí participates as a speaker at the IV Water Congress in Catalonia

On October 19 and 20, the Catalan Association of Friends of Water (ACAA) will hold the IV Water Congress in Catalonia, dedicated to “Challenges in the management of water resources in the face of the climate emergency“, at the CosmoCaixa Auditorium (Barcelona ). The Congress program has a total of forty papers.

It is a congress that allows the active participation of the maximum number of agents involved in the planning and management of water resources and climate change, and, consequently, aims to address all public administrations with powers in said matters, to the public and private managers under which responsibility are developed the responsibilities that the laws attribute to each of them, in the business world, the professionals of the different qualifications who act and, in general, to all that part of the citizens interested and concerned about the improvement of the world of water and its natural environment.

The congress program is structured around the following fundamental axes:

  • Effects of climate change on water resources and different consumptions
  • Sociocultural and economic aspects
  • The future of water resources management in the face of the climate emergency

Thematically, the presentations on October 20 have been organized into three differentiated blocks. The first block corresponds to the “Presentation of the Rivus Foundation” by Josep Monrás, president of the Entity, and Albert Solà, member of the board of trustees, they will explain what it is, what it does or what its objectives are.

The second block will deal with “R + D + i in the world of water”, one of the lines of action where the Foundation invests efforts. In this second block, our researcher, Dr. Eugenia Martín, will talk about the Urban River Lab and how strategies and techniques are being developed based on this infrastructure to improve river quality and the management of highly modified rivers.

Finally, the third block will be dedicated to “Ethics and the Environment”.

The session on October 20 can be followed live on the Rivus Foundation’s youtube channel.

Here you can consult the complete program of the IV Congress.