Scientists for a day with Plastic0pyr Switch

Bringing science closer to the public is a tool to make the presence of plastic in iver ecosystems visble. Citizen science activities of Plastic0Pyr Switch help to generate positive habits towards the management of plastics in mountains ecosystems.

The Plastic0Pyr Project has its framework in the Euroregion of the Catalan, Andorran and Occitan Pyrenees, its aim is to sustainably prevent the accumulation of plastics in mountain ecosystems and prevent their transport to the sea.

In order to communicate the objectives of the project to the public and to help raise awareness and make visible the problem of plastic waste in mountain ecosystems, the Plastic0Pyr project has a program of citizen science activities: Plastic0Pyr Switch.

Although the framework of the project is the mountain ecosystems of the Pyrenees, bringing the activities of citizen science to rivers and citizens outside the Pyrenees have a very positive impact, both in the territories where the workshop takes place and, indirectly, in the territories of the Pyrenees, because:

  • In a playful and participatory way shows the impacts that plastic waste has on the aquatic environment
  • Participants learn about the scientific activities and objectives of the Plastic0Pyr project.
  • Make the presence of this waste in rivers and adjacent areas visible, therefore participants become aware of its presence and how it can be transported to other regions or to the sea.
  • Once this awareness has been raised, the participant in the activity incorporates knowledge and habits that result in the preservation of river ecosystems both close to their locality and those that are further away and subject to tourist pressure, such as the territories of the Pyrenees.

In this video you can see (in Catalan) an example of a Plastic0Pyr Switch workshop made in collaboration with the Ateneu de la Vall de la Llémena.

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