Ultrafast convergent power-balance model for Raman random fiber laser with half-open cavity

Lin, ShengtaoWang, ZinanAraújo, H. A.Raposo. E. P.Gomes, Anderson S. L.Wu, HanFan, MengqiuRao, Yunjiang.  Optics Express 15 : 22500 (2020)  DIGITAL CSIC

The power-relevant features of Raman random fiber laser (RRFL), such as lasing threshold, slope efficiency, and power distribution, are among the most critical parameters to characterize its operation status. In this work, focusing on the power features of the half-open cavity RRFL, an ultrafast convergent power-balance model is proposed, which highlights the physical essence of the most common RRFL type and sharply reduces the computation workload. By transforming the time-consuming serial calculation to a parallel one, the calculation efficiency can be improved by more than 100 times. Particularly, for different point-mirror reflectivities and different fiber lengths, the input-output power curves and power distribution curves calculated by the present model match nicely with those of the conventional model, as well as with the experimental data. Moreover, through the present model the relationship between point-mirror reflectivity and laser threshold is analytically derived, and the way for improving RRFL’s slope efficiency is also provided with a lucid theoretical explanation.