Equality and balance


This center:

  1. Is committed an effective women/men’s equality.
  2. Adopts measures aimed at avoiding any type of discrimination based on sex in labour relations.
  3. It does not tolerate any behavior contrary to the freedom, dignity and physical and mental integrity of workers, clients, and suppliers, as well as of any other person related to the centre in any way.
  4. Watches to ensure the quality of work and health of the working people.
  5. Applies preventative and boarding policies to protect staff against sexual harassment and discrimination based on sex.
  6. Has an action protocol of against sexual harassment to ensure safe and respectful work environments for all people.
  7. Facilitates information and training to workers and manager of the centre on any matter related to these unwanted behaviours. This information is available on the web and in the centre’s welcome book.
  8. Accompanies, guides, and advises on specific procedures for driving communications and complaints.
  9. Applies severe disciplinary measures against proven harassment situations.
  10. Provides the interested people with internal denounce models, guaranteeing confidentiality, data protection, and investigation process promptness.


Zero tolerance with sexual harrasment

Action protocole for sexual harrasment

Report model for sexual harrasment

Telework Survey Report


Gender Equality Commission, Centre for Advanced Studies of Blanes.
All necessary information and documents are available on the CEAB’s intranet. Please, contact us whenever you need it at gender_equality@ceab.csic.es