Ofertes JAE-INTRO 2021


The JAE Intro program announces scholarships in CSIC centers (its own, mixed or associated units) aimed at university students with an interest in starting a research career.

This scholarship program provides an approach to the research career to those students who want to take their first steps in the world of research, giving them, on the one hand, the opportunity to enjoy the possibilities offered by the Centers and Institutes of the CSIC in its different scientific areas and, in turn, providing an introduction to cutting-edge knowledge of scientific topics and scientific practice.

This year the Center for Advanced Studies of Blanes (CEAB-CSIC) offers 6 proposals to introduce scientists into research:

Proposed training plans: Life Area

  • Explorando el eje microbiota-intestino-cerebro en sistemas modelo animales. Responsable: ORTEGA CASAMAYOR, EMILIO
  • Multiplicity in unity in bet-hedgers: different paths for breeding investment in a colonial animal. Responsable: ORO DE RIVAS, DANIEL
  • Individual and population responses toperturbations. The case of a long-lived seabird affected by climate change. Responsable: GENOVART MILLET, MERITXELL
  • EVASIONA: contribución de los ríos Mediterráneos a la emisión de carbono a la atmósfera. Responsable: BERNAL BERENGUER, SUSANA
  • Diferencies inter-específicas en la retención y procesado de nitrógeno y fósforo en humedales artificiales afectados por efluentes de EDARES. Responsable: GACIA PASOLA, ESPERANÇA

Proposed training plans: Matter Area

  • Una aproximación computaclonal a las comunidades bacterianas y fúngicas de suelos agrícolas. Responsable: ALONSO GIMENEZ, DAVID

Application deadline: April 12, 2021

Information for the application: https://sede.csic.gob.es/intro2021