The Magnet Alliance is an educational program that creates links and collaborations between schools and institutions of excellence in different fields of knowledge. This collaboration between the school and the institution allows the school to develop an innovative and quality educational project, an attractive project that has magnetism and that becomes a reference project in its territory, both for families and for the educational community.

This year 2021, we start a Magnet alliance with the Rocagrossa Institute in Lloret de Mar and will last for 4 years.

The project is part of the program “Magnet, aliances per a l’èxit educatiu“, promoted by the Fundació Jaume Bofill, the Departament d’Ensenyament de la Generalitat de Catalunya, the Consorci d’Educació de Barcelona and the Institut de Ciències de l’Educació de la UAB.



The CEAB is advising the Joaquim Ruyra School concerning the development of the Mar (“Sea”) project. During one week per year, this school will carry out age-specific activities where particular subjects related to the Mediterranean Sea will be dealt with.
In this way, we intend to bring the school closer to the sea and to endow the students with a better knowledge of the nearby marine environment.


OCEANS  is a online collaborative project for secondary students (students aged 12-16). The objective is to make them realise that the sea is not the same around the world. This knowledge is achieved through their own observations of their surroundings and sharing their results with those of other participating schools. Communication with other participating schools will be done using Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).

S’Agulla  and iEARN-Pangea, association with a wide experience in telematics’ projects, have joined up to create the Oceans Project. iEARN-Pangea is the Spanish representative of the international association iEARN, present in 140 countries.  

CEAB researchers’ Nixon Bahamon and Toni Garcia collaborate in the project.

Some particular projects being carried out by research groups at the centre possess a high educational component. For more information and particular actions, check the web pages of the following projects:

With the will of strengthening ties with the educational community, the CSIC in Catalonia organises a program of activities addressed to high school teachers. The CEAB takes part in this program every year by offering courses of diverse subjects connected to the projects of the centre.

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The Escoles Tàndem program (Tandem schools), offered by the Catalunya-La Pedrera Foundation, is an educational project that establishes a bond between a particular school and a centre of reference for 3 years concerning a specific subject.

The axis structuring our bond with the Mossèn Joan Batlle nursery and primary school in Blanes is sciences of life in water. Teachers, trainers and CEAB researchers will work together for these three years by exchanging knowledge, experiences and pedagogic material with the aim of improving the comprehensive education of children in schools.

This experience is conceived with a tight bond with the Blanes community, a town facing the sea and bordered by the river Tordera to the South. It is therefore an ideal location where to go through all kinds of learning experiences around life-sciences in the aquatic environment.