Organism Identification Laboratory


Scientific Responsible:  Dr. Susana Pinedo (
Technical responsible:  Paola Satta (


Most ecological and taxonomical studies require an initial classification and processing of samples, and this implies the segregation of organisms from the sediment or water and their identification. This separation of organisms, which in most cases are fixed with formaldehyde, is made by means of binocular stereo microscopes. Subsequently, the identification of organisms (invertebrates and algae) is carried out; this last step is often done at the microscope as it requires higher magnification.

Four rooms at the CEAB are directly related to sample separation and organism identification: an area of sample storing with formaldehyde, an area of sample washing (adequately ventilated for the preliminary washing of the sample and the removal of preservatives) and two laboratories for the processing and identification of samples by means of binocular stereo microscopes and microscopes.


  • 14 Binocular stereo microscopes
  • 4 microscopes (2 of them with a camera lucida)
  • One precision balance
  • One mobile hood for gas extraction
  • One mechanical sieve