Scientific Responsible: Dra. Emma Cebrian (
Technical Responsible: Núria Raventós (


The LEOV is an aquarium-lab designed for the experimentation with live organisms in an aquatic environment of either fresh or sea water. The water circuit can be used in a continuous or a recycling way and it has a heat interchanging system allowing the heating or cooling of water across a temperature range of 14ºC to 25ºC.

Experiment de creixement d’esponges en condicions controlades de temperatura i nutrients
Experiment per avaluar la retenció de nutrients de l’aigua amb plantes aquàtiques d’aigua dolça

If you wish to receive information or advice about this facility, types of experiments to do etc., contact the person in charge.
In order to use this service you should fill the request form and send it to the service responsible. In addition, you should send an MSWord or PDF file with a brief description of the experiment (stating if you will be using nutrients or other substances that would alter the natural conditions of the water in the re-entering flux), its estimated duration and the person in charge to contact with in the case of an emergency.

At the end of the experiment, a survey will be delivered to the user concerning the quality of the facility and/or for making improvement suggestions and this will be given back to the service responsible once filled.