Molecular and Genetic Ecology Laboratory


Scientific Responsible: Dr. Marc Ventura (
Technical Responsible: Gustavo Carreras (


The molecular and genetic ecology lab provides support to those projects concerning taxonomy, biodiversity, ecology and evolution of marine organisms and systems and requiring the use of molecular techniques. These techniques extend from the amplification and sequencing of gene partitioning for biodiversity and phylogenetic studies, up to cloning, metabarcoding, genomics, metagenomics and proteonomics in micro and macro organisms both from sea and continental waters.

The lab is distributed among several rooms: general laboratory, constant temperature room (21ºC) for PCRs, electrophoresis and gel reader area, laboratory for cytotoxic substances and RNAase-free area in addition to the necessary equipment for the techniques used.

An internal service of DNA analysis is available at the laboratory, where basic preparatory techniques are performed for sequencing and the subsequent analyses of sequences.

For additional information concerning the DNA Service, contact:

Scientific responsible: Marc Ventura (

Technical responsible: Gustavo Carreras (

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