Scientific dissemination activities

The CEAB carries out an important scientific dissemination task, with activities focused on teachers, students and the general public (exhibitions, talks…).


Every year, during the Science Week at the end of November, The CEAB opens its doors to students, schools for adults and the general public. The aim is that you meet us in situ, who we are and what we do, by communicating to every visitor the importance of research and the role of scientists in our society.

What we do?
We organise a guided tour of the centre, labs, scuba diving area and aquarium area. In addition, in the course of the years we have elaborated some workshops connected to subjects as interesting as the management of the beaches of Blanes, the tiger mosquito problem, the introduction of alien species in the Pyrenean ponds and the functioning of the oceanographic buoy of the CEAB marine observatory, among others.

Projects change, and so do those subjects dealt with during these open house days and this is the reason why we encourage you to come: you will always find something new and interesting to know.


Since two years ago, at the end of spring the CEAB scientists we become science communicators with the aim of bringing society closer to science and promoting curiosity and interest towards it. This is done in a highly visual and practical way by means of workshops and small experiments so that the participants get to know some of the CEAB projects very closely at the boulevard by the sea by means of the lab-track MOVILAB.

We are supported by the Higher Council of Scientific Investigations (CSIC), the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) and the Padrosa Foundation which promoted some years ago the MOVILAB project with the aim of popularising the scientific knowledge.  This lab-track has allowed us to go over the entire Iberian Peninsula.


If you like the sea, if you dive, sail, if you are a fisher or practice water sports, as an amateur or professional, if you like to stay and observe the nature from the beach, we encourage you to collaborate in this citizen science project!

The SEAWATCHERS platform is a site to connect citizens and scientists in order to investigate together the current state of our seas and oceans. Citizens can participate by contributing with their observations and experience. We wish to better understand the effects of global warming, pollution, biodiversity changes, invasions of alien species and overfishing in marine ecosystems. To this end, we collect observations and sightings on the distribution and abundance of common marine species, the emergence of rare or invasive marine species or the signs of change in ecosystems (mortality of organisms, amassing of surface and bottom pollution).

This platform of projects, linked to some ongoing research, coordinated by the Institute of Marine Sciences of Barcelona (CSIC), relies on the collaboration among citizens as you and scientists from different national and international centers, to establish a reciprocal dialogue around all these issues based on the founded records.

All the projects are related to current research, CEAB is participating in: