The general objective of my scientific career is to understand how water scarcity impacts continental aquatic ecosystems and their provision of services to society, in order to adapt to a drier climate. Within this general framework, I study how drying ecosystems change their way of processing and storing carbon, and what consequences this has for the redistribution of anthropogenic carbon in different compartments of the Earth System. This information is crucial to anticipate how mitigation and adaptation actions to climate change will function. I also develop global models of the impacts of climate change on lakes and reservoirs with the ISIMIP network, and work on the detection and attribution of the impacts of global changes on aquatic ecosystems with the collaborative GLEON network. Finally, I design tools for predicting water quality in reservoirs, with a special emphasis on the impacts of droughts and other extreme phenomena. My research is based on collaboration and open science, and I am committed to equity and diversity in science.