2023 European Researchers’ Night

The event aims to bring science closer to citizens, in a relaxed and attractive way. At the CEAB-CSIC we will celebrate it this September 29, with an evening dedicated to the ocean.

The European Research Night has the purpose of bringing research work and the scientific knowledge that is obtained closer to all citizens. For this, hundreds of activities are organized throughout Europe.

At the CEAB-CSIC we will celebrate it on September 29, with an event open to everyone who is interested. It will take place at the Center’s headquarters, in the municipality of Blanes, between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. To participate, you only need to register in advance.

The event will be part of the Ocean Night project. It will revolve around the ocean, about the scientific knowledge that we have today and about the actions, based on science, that must be taken to protect it and to protect ourselves. The attending public and the center’s researchers will be able to discuss the matter in a relaxed atmosphere.

The evening will begin with the screening of a documentary from the series “Arxipelag blau” in the CEAB auditorium. Later, on the terrace, you can enjoy the exhibition “Entering the Ocean” from the Ocean Night project. Around the panels of this exhibition, a dialogue will be opened between the public and research staff.

The event will revolve around the close relationship we have with seas and oceans, the need to protect it and the ways to do so based on science

You can find detailed information and sign up at this link (places are limited).