This December 12, the annual day of the Knowledge Platform for the Management of Natural Heritage and Biodiversity (Prismátic) is celebrated. The CEAB-CSIC will participate, sharing the knowledge obtained about the impacts of climate change on marine habitats.

The Prismàtic Conferences are a space for learning and debate between the scientific community and people with the capacity to make political decisions about natural heritage and biodiversity. Information with scientific evidence is provided in a clear and designed manner to facilitate environmental management policies.

On this occasion, the meeting focuses on heat waves and drought, which are increasing due to climate and global change caused by humans. Several Catalan research groups will share what they know. They will talk about seas, rivers, land and forests. What are the consequences that high temperatures and drought have on ecosystems? And how does it harm all of us?

The Center for Advanced Studies of Blanes (CEAB-CSIC) has been invited to contribute knowledge at the marine level. The researcher and head of the marine ecology department, Emma Cebrian, will provide evidence on the impacts of climate change and heat waves on marine habitats. It will be shortly after the start of the Day, at 10:30 a.m.

The meeting will also discuss, among others, the effects of drought on river ecosystems, lessons learned to improve management and conservation or better take advantage of scientific knowledge to anticipate and prioritize actions.

The Prismatic Day will be held in the Administrative District of the Generalitat of Catalonia, at 57 Foc Street in Barcelona. It is an initiative of the Department of Climate Action of the Generalitat, coordinated by the Center for Ecological Research and Forest Applications (CREAF).

Complete program and other details, in this link: https://www.creaf.cat/ca/node/21617
To attend, prior registration is required (the event is in person). You can do it here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1lM5QIVRbGXWTICoAF5z5ZFOfYAw0xAYzkzUCMFDc3_w/viewform?edit_requested=true