“Gent de riu” (people of the river) showcases the ecosystems of rivers, emphasizing the crucial importance of preserving them in good health, and narrates the stories of people involved in their restoration.

The series, available on local television and La Xarxa+ platform, focuses on river Besòs and river La Tordera and incorporates interviews with researchers from CEAB-CSIC’s Continental Ecology Department, such as Eugenia Martí and Miquel Ribot who talk about the work carried out at the Urban River Lab.

“Gent de riu” has thirteen episodes. Each one provides a perspective on our relationship with river environments,  covering various aspects such as biodiversity, water sanitation, environmental education, history, volunteering…Giving visibility and prominence to an element integrated into our society, the river, which has been severely impacted by industrial and demographic pressure. The series highlights entities and individuals who have been working, and still do, to restore river environments that have been seriously damaged during long historical periods. These environments still face serious threats such as the overexploitation of water resources.

The documentary series has been co-produced by Vallès Visió, La Xarxa Audiovisual Local, and the RIVUS Foundation, with the collaboration of the Besòs Tordera Consortium and the sponsorship of companies AGBAR, Aquambiente, and Urban Drains of Besòs (DUB).

“Gent del riu” was officially presented on January 11th at an event held at the headquarters of the Besòs Tordera Consortium and the RIVUS Foundation, in Granollers, Catalonia (Spain). During the event, it was emphasized that the documentary visualizes the recovery experienced by some mediterranean rivers, as well as the serious threats they are facing today. The urgent need to value and protect rivers as a key element for the balance of life was also underscored.

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Press release “Gent de riu” premiere  
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