Ecosystem recovery is the focus of the ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting

Researchers from the Blanes Center for Advanced Studies (CEAB) have been among the speakers at the annual congress of the Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO).

The scientific meeting was held in Palma de Mallorca between June 4 and 9. It has brought together the world’s leading experts in aquatic ecology, both marine and inland waters. On this occasion, the congress has focused on the resilience and recovery possibilities of aquatic ecosystems.

CEAB researchers have contributed the knowledge obtained through their research, both in the area of ​​continental waters and in that of marine waters. They have done this through presentations and scientific posters.

For example, among others, they talked about their works related to carbon dioxide emissions produced by rivers. Our researchers have shared their expertise about the role of rivers in the carbon cycle and about physical factors (topography, hydrological connectivity, land uses…) and biological factors (soils and carbon mineralization in streams, benthic communities and microbial… that make it vary more. They also talked about the possibilities to predict the role that rivers will play in the carbon cycle in the new contexts caused by the climate emergency and human impacts.

The main objective of the ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting is to share knowledge and experiences on topics relevant to aquatic ecosystems. The scientific meeting also helps to strengthen collaborations, as well as to initiate new ones.

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