One of the CEAB researchers, awarded at the Bluewave Awards

Dr. Enric Ballesteros has been honored with a new award. This is the Bluewave Alliance award that recognizes professional career. The distinction is awarded this June 12, at the first Bluewave Symposium, which is held in Barcelona.

Dr. Kike Ballesteros in the Revillagigedo Islands. Photo: Octavio Aburto.

Enric Ballesteros is a marine biologist and has developed his career at the Blanes Center for Advanced Studies (CEAB), where he has led and leads research projects related to the conservation of aquatic ecosystems. Internationally recognized, Ballesteros has worked in seas and oceans around the world in order to learn about ecosystems, see how they are affected by human activities and to promote changes that allow them to be preserved.

The researcher is also widely known for his outreach work and for being a member of the Pristine Seas team of the National Geographic Society; a project that aims to protect the last virgin marine areas on the planet. Currently, and as part of Pristine Seas, he carries out field work in Indian Ocean.

The Bluewave Alliance is a non-profit initiative, driven by the ISDIN laboratories, to support projects aimed at restoring the health of the Mediterranean Sea. The alliance seeks to join forces between all actors who want to preserve the sea (whether institutions, companies or the scientific community) in order to achieve a greater impact on the protection and recovery of the Mediterranean.

In the first scientific symposium promoted by this organization, the biodiversity of the Mediterranean will be made known and ways to protect it will be shared. The Bluewave Symposium is held in the city of Barcelona between June 12 and 18. It is planned that the Bluewave Awards will be presented during the first day.

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