The 2021 Annual Report of the CEAB-CSIC has been published

Early in 2021 we were eager on what to expect in year two of the pandemic. The extraordinary progress and success of vaccination, saving several million human lives in the most developed countries, worldwide projected “vaccine” (and therefore science) as the word of the year.

Despite the difficulties, CEAB has produced more science than ever in this period and it is now a well routed Institute worldwide recognized in Ecology, Marine Ecology and Aquatic Sciences, with several relevant publications in the top journals Biological Conservation, Ecology, Frontiers in Marine Science, Global Change Biology, Global Biogeochemical Cycles, Science of the Total Environment, Science Advances, PNAS, and Nature Ecology&Evolution, among others. Congratulations to the big CEAB family, scientists, technicians and administrative staff, all of them necessary for producing the best standards in science.

Some highlights from 2021:

  • CEAB researchers have published a total of 145 scientific articles
  • A total of 53 active research projects
  • We lead 7 European scientific projects
  • 49.4% of the CEAB’s workers are women
  • We have participated in 3 of the 14 Challenges launched by CSIC
  • A total of 12 doctoral theses have been defended
  • We have created an audiovisual production on the Challenges of global change and gender bias in the scientific field
  • Magnet Alliance started with the Rocagrossa Institute in Lloret de Mar
  • We have more than 3,000 followers on Twitter, 1,000 on Facebook and 600 on Instagram