We have participated in the “Santander for the seas” selection committee

Emma Cebrián, a researcher at the Center for Advanced Studies of Blanes (CEAB-CSIC), has been part of the Selection Committee of ‘Santander for the Seas’. This initiative of the Banco Santander Foundation has a budget of 450,000 euros, aimed at financing projects that work on the recovery and conservation of marine ecosystems and threatened or unique species of seas and oceans, paying special attention to their innovative nature in the development of systems and methodologies, and in their support to the third sector.

This year the projects presented by WWF Spain, CRAM Foundation and Aponiente have received these grants.

‘Santander for the Seas’ will contribute 150,000 euros to each one of the initiatives. It is intended that these three projects have an environmental impact, and are still replicable, sustainable in time, economically efficient, and that integrate social and educational aspects.

The serious situation we are experiencing makes us even more aware of the need to take care of the environment in which we live, increase aid for the conservation of the great treasure of our natural heritage, our seas and oceans, where their warming and loss of biodiversity contributes to the degradation of our future as a species” said the director of the Banco Santander Foundation, Borja Baselga.

Banco Santander Foundation is going to initiate ‘Santander for the Seas’ with the objective of promoting the blava economy, which includes activities such as sustainable fishing, the use of the marine environment to produce renewable energies, responsible tourism or blava biotechnology.

The Center for Advanced Studies of Blanes celebrates that an initiative that is so important for the conservation of the environment has been carried out by a researcher from our center to assess and grant these benefits.