Tesis 2017

Ecology and biodiversity of the deep-sea meiobenthos from the Blanes Canyon and its adjacent slope (NW Mediterranean)

Student: Sara Roman Moreno

Master Thesis Advisor: Daniel Martin

Universitat de Barcelona.  


Effects of environmental stochasticity on life history parameters of marine top predators

Student: Noelia Hernandez

Master Thesis Advisor: Daniel Oro

Universitat de les Illes Balears


Effects of environmental variability and perturbations on seabird’s popilation dynamics

Student: Ana Payo Payo

Master Thesis Advisor: Daniel Oro

Universitat de Barcelona.


Growth and dynamics of Hemimycale columella (Demospongiae, Poecilosclerida) and the relationship with its microbial symbionts

Student: Leyre Garate Amenabarro

Master Thesis Advisor: María Jesús Uriz i Andrea Blanquer

Universitat de Barcelona.


Interacciones tróficas y distribución de los crustáceos planctónicos de los Pirineos

Student: Danilo Buñay Chicaiza

Master Thesis Advisor: Marc Ventura

Universitat de Barcelona


Movement ecology of coastal fishes in a marine protected area: implications for management and conservation

Student: Eneko Aspillaga Cuevas

Master Thesis Advisor: Frederic Bartumeus i Bernat Hereu

Universitat de Barcelona.