Redescription and establishment of a holotype and three paratypes for the species Hemimycale mediterranea sp. nov.

Uriz, María Jesús ; Garate, LeireAgell, Gemma. PeerJ 5 : e3426 (2017) DIGITAL CSIC

Background. In a recent paper, we described a new sponge species named Hemimycale mediterranea Uriz, Garate & Agell, 2017. However, we failed to designate a holotype and a type locality, as required by the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature (ICZN). Although the validity of the previous conclusions remains unchanged, the species name cannot be considered available according to ICZN regulations until a holotype is designated.

Results. The present work fulfills the requirements of the ICZN by designating a holotype, three paratypes and the type locality for the new species Hemimycale mediterranea and has been registered in ZooBank.