Taxonomic review of Gallardoneris nonatoi (Ramos, 1976) comb. nov. (Annelida, Lumbrineridae), and description of a new species of Lumbrineris from the Gulf of Mexico

Martin, Daniel; Estefa, Jordi; Gil, João. ZooKeys 1114 : 35-57 (2022)  DIGITAL CSIC   

The small Lumbrineridae Gallardoneris iberica Martins, Carrera-Parra, Quintino & Rodrigues, 2012 was first described as new to science based on specimens from Portuguese waters. Then, it was successively reported from several south European areas, including Spain, Italy, Greece, and Cyprus. Here evidence is presented that G. iberica should be placed in synonymy with Lumbrineris nonatoi Ramos, 1976, originally described from NW Mediterranean waters, a species that fits with the diagnosis of Gallardoneris. Based on specimens from the French coasts of the NW Mediterranean, this paper (1) redescribes the species using the new combination Gallardoneris nonatoi (Ramos, 1976) and (2) provides a morphometric analysis of its main morphological characters. The lack of recent reports of G. nonatoi comb. nov. in Mediterranean waters is presumably due to the recent redescription of the species as L. nonatoi based on specimens from the Gulf of Mexico. However, these specimens belong to Lumbrineris, as currently defined. By assessing their morphological differences, it is concluded that the specimens from the Gulf of Mexico represent a different and new species, namely Lumbrineris jan sp. nov. Also discussed is the possible assignation of Lumbrineris longipodiata Cantone, 1990, a poorly known species seldom recorded since its original description from the Gulf of Catania (Mediterranean Sea) to Gallardoneris, as well as on whether it is a valid species or may be an additional junior synonym of G. nonatoi comb. nov.