L’Aplicació mòbil Space Mapper disponible

Ara ja pots cartografiar el teu món amb Space Mapper! L’Aplicació de telèfon mòbil Space Mapper disponible amb noves funcionalitats!

T’agradaria participar en un projecte de recerca desenvolupat per investigadors del MovE Lab i de la Universitat de Princeton (EEUU), mentre alhora analitzes els patrons espacials dels teus moviments quotidians? Descobreix l’App per Android Space Mapper i les seves noves funcionalitats i eines de visualització.



¡Ya puedes cartografiar tu mundo con Space Mapper! ¡La aplicación de telefonía móvil Space Mapper disponible con nuevas funcionalidades!

¿Te gustaría participar en un proyecto de investigación desarrollado por investigadores de MovE Lab y de la Universidad de Princeton (EUA), mientras analizas los patrones espaciales de tus movimientos cuotidianos? Descubre la App para Android Space Mapper y sus nuevas funcionalidades y herramientas de visualización.



Space Mapper new release with new functionality now available. Map your World! Home Range Analysis Comes to Your Home!

Would you like to participate in a research project developed by researchers from MovE Lab and Princeton University, while at the same time exploring the patterns of your daily activities? Discover the Android App Space Mapper and its new functionalities!


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Space Mapper new release with new functionality now available
* A mobile phone application developed by researchers at CEAB-CSIC ((MovE Lab, www.ceab.csic.es/~fbartu)) and Princeton University (www.princeton.edu) collects data on human mobility, while allowing users to map their own home ranges or “activity-spaces.”

* Space Mapper provides new human mobility data for a study that lies at the intersection of ecology and the social sciences. The study relies on techniques from spatial ecology and spatial demography to help us better understand the ecology of human movement and social segregation in our communities.

What does your world look like? What are the contours of your neighborhood? In our daily activities, most of us move through only small areas of the cities or towns we call home. These areas — which geographers and spatial demographers call “activity spaces” — may vary substantially and overlap little, even within the same community. They are important because where we spend time determines our access to resources, like medical care and fresh food, and our exposure to hazards, like toxic chemicals, contagious diseases, and crime.

If we knew more about systematic variation in human activity spaces, we could understand more about important social processes that affect our lives and drive inequality. But we do not have a lot of data linking daily human movement patterns to demographic and ecological characteristics. The Space Mapper application bridges this gap by letting users respond to a detailed demographic survey and then track themselves through the environment as they go about their lives.

Space Mapper records users’ locations at regularly intervals and securely sends this information to a research server. It is designed to minimize battery consumption and run continously in the background on Android phones. Space Mapper also allows users to map their own data on their phones, and it will give them additional data analysis tools in future updates.

If you have an Android phone, you can download and install Space Mapper from Google Play at <https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=edu.princeton.jrpalmer.asm>.

For more information, visit <http://www.princeton.edu/~jrpalmer/> or email John Palmer at jrpalmer [at]princeton.edu. You can also follow Space Mapper on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/SpaceMapper) and Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/SpaceMapper).
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