My research aims at improving the current state of art of mosquito surveillance by integrating the use of novel technologies and citizen science to gather accurate and entomologically relevant data in real-time for a fine time-scale modelling of vector populations in relation to different environmental and ecological variables. During the course of my PhD, my work was focused on the validation of the use of an automated remote classification system, based on an entomological optical sensor coupled to a mosquito trap, for the automated identification of Aedes and Culex species and other attributes of their biology affecting their vectorial capacity. My current post-doctoral research will be carried out under the framework of MOBVEC project (Mobile Bio-Lab to support first response in arbovirus outbreaks) with the objective of developing new early warning systems based on vector and vector-host contact in an epidemiological context of arbovirus outbreaks in urban areas, taking as an example the city of Barcelona.